Click photo for link to details about Kim Forward, Labour's candidate for Gensing Ward in the 2022 local elections to be held on Thursday May 5th

It has been my privilege to serve as the Gensing Ward Councillor since 2008 and I would like to continue to represent residents, using my experience for the good of our area and our town.

I have had the honour of being both Mayor of the town and Leader of the Council. Levels of deprivation, poverty and inequality have increased here under this conservative government and much work remains to be done.

I believe in a peaceful, fair, prosperous society where everyone is valued and has the best possible opportunities and where the vulnerable and those in need are properly cared for.

I have lived here all my adult life and taught in local schools. My children grew up and went to school here and now I have grandchildren doing the same.

I am committed to improving our town and the quality of life for our residents and would love the opportunity to continue to work with others to achieve this.


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