Click photo for link to details about Nigel Sinden, Labour's candidate for Silverhill Ward in the 2022 local elections to be held on Thursday May 5th

I grew up in Silverhill and am from a working-class family and I’m proud to have been a Labour councillor for Silverhill Ward for the last ten years. Before I became a councillor, I was a plumbing engineer and worked in many different places in the world. With my decade of experience representing Silverhill, and three years as Mayor of Hastings, I can always find ways to help with residents’ requests and I understand the concerns of local people.

I’m often asked, “Why I should vote for you a Labour Borough Councillor?”, and “What will you do for me?” I say because we are committed to supporting and helping improve things for people. Putting others first has been a guiding principle throughout my life and I can’t promise anything fancy but can assure you that I will continue to work hard to support you and our area.

I hope that I can rely on your vote and backing for the next four years.


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