Wishing Tree


Click photo for link to details about John Cannan, Labour's candidate for Wishing Tree Ward in the 2022 local elections to be held on Thursday May 5th

I’m John Cannan and I am 62 years old.  I was born in Hastings and have lived here all of my life apart from six years spent in the North East of England. My Father was a Postman, my Mum worked from home, and my sister and I were brought up in what was then known as a council house.

After a long career in various administrative roles (in the Civil Service, National Health Service, and East Sussex County Council) I now work as a support worker for the Seaview Project.  The latter is the best and most rewarding job I have ever done.

I’m standing because becoming a Councillor offers the realistic prospect of making meaningful positive changes for the community.  As stated above, I have experience of working in many roles and, together with my life experience, I feel I am well placed to contribute to those changes.

I’m passionate about fairness and believe all deserve the same chances in life.


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