The policies and initiatives outlined in this manifesto can only cover a small part of what a council does in its day-to-day activities. Everything we do will be governed by a clear set of guiding socialist principles which will remain at the heart of everything the council does.

We believe:

  • equality of opportunity is paramount, and services to local people should be provided in a way that addresses their needs and reasonable expectations, regardless of gender, social class, race, disability, age, culture, sexuality, or philosophical beliefs, in as far as such beliefs do not oppress others;
  • in a culture of co-operation, openness, fairness, and transparency in all it does, enabling local people to hold us to account and other agencies to work with us;

  • all local people (including employees of the council) should be entitled to a high standard of education and decent jobs that pay a living wage, where they are treated with dignity, respect, and fairness;
  • all local people have a right to a safe, secure, affordable home in an environment that enhances their health, quality of life and access to lifelong learning;

  • the economic regeneration of Hastings should narrow the gap between the most deprived communities and those of the rest of the town, as well as between Hastings and the rest of the South East and that poorer people should not be excluded from the new opportunities that arise.

Within these values, we are proposing a set of priorities to be addressed through the commitments in this manifesto:

  • Tackle climate change and increase biodiversity, aiming to make Hastings carbon neutral by 2030 and ensuring that the council shapes its actions and policies to achieve this;
  • To develop and implement the best possible approach to the recovery from the pandemic, underpinned by our commitment to equalities;
  • Ensure policies and funding applications are targeted to benefit the most deprived households and communities;O

  • Bring services back in house, to ensure they’re run for public benefit rather than private profit;
  • Maximise the supply of genuinely affordable rented housing available in Hastings;
  • Support and promote projects that create well-paid, secure jobs as well as training opportunities to give local people the skills to benefit from them;

  • Generate income, through ethical means, to ensure that a good level of services can still be provided, despite government funding cuts.
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