Climate change is a global issue, affecting all of us. But there is plenty that councils can do to reduce their carbon footprint, protect the environment, and encourage everyone to behave in more environmentally responsible ways.

A Labour Council will:

  • Work with public sector partners and local businesses to make Hastings carbon neutral by 2030;
  • Further develop the council’s strategy and action plan to make Hastings carbon neutral;
  • Review our local plan to ensure our planning policies maximise energy efficiency in new developments, as well as maximising the opportunities for sustainable energy generation, biodiversity and sustainable transport solutions;
  • Pursue the Council’s energy generation strategy to install solar arrays and wind turbines, for example seafront vertical-axis wind turbines, as well as examining potential other sustainable sources such as wave and tidal power;

  • Identify sites suitable for onshore wind energy generation in the Local Plan;
  • Encourage and promote community energy generation schemes;
  • Install rooftop solar energy on all possible council-owned buildings;
  • Develop solar arrays mounted above suitable council car parks;
  • Investigate sites for ground-mounted solar arrays, installing arrays at these only where there are no adverse ecological consequences;
  • Work with Energise Sussex Coast to install solar arrays on commercial, domestic and community buildings throughout the borough, subject to the development of a workable feed-in tariff to make such projects viable;

  • When the technology is available, link local energy generation projects to a local electricity network to provide cheap, sustainable electricity for local homes and businesses;
  • Eliminate single-use plastics from all council activities;
  • Ban single-use plastics from all events held on council land;
  • Aim to protect existing wildlife habitats, and create new ones, to maximise biodiversity in our parks and open spaces;
  • Maintain all our parks and open spaces in a way that promotes environmental sustainability, using natural methods to control invasive species while maximising biodiversity and protecting rare habitats;

  • Develop a tree-planting programme for Hastings, and look for ways to fund it;
  • Promote guidance on how local people can reduce their carbon footprint by home composting, reducing flying and car use, reducing single-use plastics, reducing energy consumption, and more;
  • Establish a greenway cycling and walking link between Ore Station and Frederick Road, from the development of housing sites along the route, and seek ways to fund a greenway linked through to Hastings Town Centre;
  • Ask the county council to allow closure of the A259 along Hastings seafront on two summer Sundays to promote the attractiveness of a car-free seafront;

  • Develop policies and practices, with local businesses and other organisations, to reduce the harmful effects of plastics in our seas;
  • Use this innovative and ground-breaking work to encourage green energy generation companies to relocate to Hastings;

  • Install more electric vehicle charging points and pressure local supermarkets and leisure providers to provide charging points;
  • Replace Council-owned vehicles with electric vehicles as they’re renewed;
  • Use the new Country Park Visitor centre to demonstrate and promote sustainable straw bale building techniques.
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