As the Labour council working with our partners, we pledge to do all we can to: keep Hastings safe; provide decent, affordable housing; tackle climate change; challenge inequality and poverty; boost the local economy; and promote inclusion and diversity.

For more details, read council leader Kim Forward’s introduction to our manifesto. Other sections can be accessed on this website. The following links will take you to each section:

Our values and ambitions

Achievements and priorities

Where the money comes from

Tackling Climate Change

Tackling poverty and inequality

Providing decent homes

Promoting healthy lifestyles

Boosting the local economy

Promoting local events and attractions

Enhancing the appearance of the borough

Keeping Hastings safe

Promoting inclusion and diversity

Attracting investment, transforming Hastings

Generating income for day-to-day services

Lobby over national and regional policies

What we can do – and what we’d like to do























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