We want to make sure all people, regardless of their ethnic origin, sexuality, gender, or disability, feel included in the local community, and we want to develop ways to include all sections of the community in our decision making.  

To this end, a labour council will:

  • Actively seek out people from disadvantaged minority communities for consultation on how local groups and partners can effectively promote diversity and support underrepresented, disadvantaged and minority communities and ensure that any projects are led by those who are affected by them;
  • Support and welcome refugees and groups working with refugees and will continue to work closely with the Refugee Buddy Project and others in our effort to create a culture of welcome;
  • Continue to play our part if the programme to resettle Syrian refugees is reinstated offering to rehouse at least a further 20 refugees;
  • Continue to support and welcome those seeking asylum and will promote the Lift the Ban campaign (including lobbying the government) which calls on the government to enable asylum seekers to work after six months whilst waiting for the result of their claim which would  ease the skills shortage and increase the number of people with taxable income;

  • Support local festivals that celebrate diversity and encourage all festivals to actively seek out the involvement of local minority groups and individuals;

  • Work with the local Disability Forum to make sure disability access to Council services and structures is maintained and enhanced and that local retail and leisure services are encouraged to improve disability access;

  • Ensure that all Council events and public meetings are held at fully accessible locations;
  • Revise and relaunch our Animal Welfare Charter to do all we can to end the exploitation and cruel treatment of animals;
  • Use the Town Deal process to develop a comprehensive community consultation and involvement scheme that can represent the views of all sections of the community and can be used to consult on other projects;
  • Make a visible and tangible effort to include women, people from minority groups and disadvantaged communities in these consultations;

  • Ensure that groups given council support and/or funding accept Hastings Borough Council’s equalities values and actively promote inclusivity;
  • Prioritise events which promote inclusivity to help prevent isolation and marginalisation;
  • Encourage local festivals to commission and fund local artists and organisations.
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