Day-to-day activities and investment projects are funded from borrowing that generates a net income for the council, as well as improving services. It helps offset the huge cuts in government funding over the last ten years.

A Labour council will:

  • Continue our path to ‘entrepreneurial socialism’, using commercial methods to raise money for public benefit rather than private profit, investigating every possibility for the Council to trade its services to generate income;
  • Bring more council services back in-house and run them directly rather than through a contractor, for public benefit rather than private profit, focusing initially on grounds maintenance and building cleaning;

  • Continue our ‘transformational change’ programme, ensuring that all Council tasks and processes are carried out as efficiently as possible, and that all projects are properly planned and costed;
  • Continue to acquire local commercial properties to generate income for the Council and provide security for local jobs;
    • Use sustainable electricity generation to raise income and reduce costs for the Council;
    • Take every possible opportunity to submit funding applications to the Local Enterprise Partnership, central government, Heritage Lottery, and any other funding streams available, where these support the Council’s priorities.

    • Provide Council services online wherever possible, making it easier for people to apply and cheaper for the Council to provide them, while maintaining our telephone contact centre for people who are not able to use online services;
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