Hastings has a large private rented sector which still has a significant number of poor-quality homes with bad landlords. We are also desperately short of genuinely affordable, social rented housing.

To tackle this, a Labour Council will:

  • Continue our programme of property purchases to house homeless families as an alternative to using bed & breakfast accommodation;
  • Start building or acquiring council housing again by re-establishing a Housing Revenue Account, if this is financially viable within the government social housing grant regime;
  • Ensure new housing built or acquired by the council meets the fully accessible ‘Lifetime Homes’ standard where possible, as well as good design and energy efficiency standards;

  • Work in partnership with housing providers whose policies reflect the needs of those in greatest need in Hastings;
  • Push for the renewal of the selective licensing scheme with the Secretary of State for Housing;
  •  Use other statutory powers to crack down on rogue landlords who abuse tenants’ rights and work to ensure that private rented housing and HMOs are maintained to a decent standard;
  • Promote and enhance our homelessness prevention programme, to help people get rehoused before they become homeless;
  • Bring all possible pressure on developers to comply with the 25% social housing requirement in the Local Plan for all qualifying developments;
  • Investigate and encourage alternative models of housing provision, including community land trusts and housing co-operatives, especially for older people.
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