Hastings and Rye Labour Stands In Solidarity With P&O Employees

Hastings and Rye Labour Party stands in solidarity with those P&O personnel who have been victims of such callous treatment by their employers. This is an example of the vicious cycle of capitalism allowed to flourish under Tory governments who have done nothing to curb zero-hours contracts and fire-and-rehire, of which this latest act from P&O is an appalling example. We must support the RMT in their efforts to hold P&O management to account for their actions and lobby the government to take action rather than simply feign outrage.

Back in October of last year, backbench Labour MP Barry Gardiner introduced a bill aimed, amongst other things, at stopping fire-and-rehire. At the time,  Keir Starmer accused Boris Johnson of “‘selling out’ working people” for whipping his Conservative MPs to vote against the proposed bill.